2015 painting “Out of the Silent Planet”

Out of the Silent Planet

This 30×40” work consists of paper, reclaimed and new fabric and acrylic paint on canvas. It is a frame-within-frame composition.

Named for the second book in a C.S Lewis trilogy, my canvas Out of the Silent Planet speaks of the calm and peaceful atmosphere of that
other world. Occupied by three nations of beings each very different from
the other, the planet knows no murder, war or hatred. All live in
harmony and acceptance and without corruption, envy or greed.

One of the nations is the Sorns. They are extremely tall, speak
poetically and are the most intellectual of the three races.

The large purple and green rectangle in the centre of the canvas is
window-like; a portal into their world. We are outside of this utopia,
observing the planet’s activity from another perspective. What we see
are five Sorns facing away from us and robed in long garb. They have come out into the moonlight to gaze at certain shapes in the night sky. Or are they flying kites? Their simple and guileless demeanor makes either
activity likely.

Whatever occupies them, they are at peace with all that is around them. Instead of observing this in a different venue, may we all find
such tranquility in our world.

Darlene Monroe

Out of the Silent Planet, 30x40"
Out of the Silent Planet, 30×40″