From Above, From Below

This work is paper, fibre and acrylic on a 40×30” canvas. Two large, angular, blue shapes, one very dark, the other light dominate the crimson red of the canvas. The dark blue field features numerous geometric areas that have been filled with parallel lines sewn in black thread.
This title, From Above, From Below speaks of contraposition both physical, emotional and spiritual.
The left plane suggests any large, deep water as it appears from very high in the sky. The right portion, as sky seen from the earth. On this level the work is simply showcasing two physical perspectives of a global nature. There is no conflict, no struggle. The harmonizing blue colours and the bright red are soothing not unsettling.
It is impossible to hold two physically opposite positions at the same time-we can’t be above and below (here and there, awake and asleep…) simultaneously.  Neither can we  spiritually, mentally or emotionally hold opposing ideas and ideals and we spend much time and expand much energy working out what we firmly feel and think.
This effort isn’t a simple journey to self awareness; the sewn parallel lines in one shape change direction in another. Some shapes are larger, some are sewn over lighter areas, calling our attention to them first. One conflicting mental perspective is often disparate; the lighter blue area is larger and poly-sided. Whatever can be seen here is undefined, without clear edges and quiet in nature

From Above, From Below, 30x36"
From Above, From Below, 30×36″