My Tribute to Ed Burtynsky

Pullulation IIPULLULATION II     48X36”   2012

This painting was inspired by photographer Ed Burtynsky.

To pullulate is to sprout abundantly, to teem. I am depicting growth, emergence, a powerful burgeoning forth but of an industrial, not biological nature. The rust and brown colours, the grids, the loosely rectangular shapes speak of manufacturing, the hand of man. Like Burtynsky’s photographs, Pullulation II is exploring an uneasy contradiction-the repulsion/attraction, the seduction/fear/guilt we experience in our desire for the good life and our knowledge that our world suffers for it.

Not all growth is good, not all growth is healthy.

Growth is portrayed from the back of the canvas to the front. Beginning with the canvas itself the fibres, the warp and the weft of each layer becomes less fine and more loosely assembled until in the ultimate layer, the pieces barely hold. Vertical growth is most strongly seen in the mushroom white and red ochre strokes of paint which are reaching for the top of the canvas yet these colours are more closely associated with parasitism and rust than new life.

Darlene Monroe